Sub Modules in SAP Controlling Module

Sub modules in SAP Controlling module is used to handle company’s internal reporting. Financial transactions from different SAP modules are posted to SAP controlling and reported in a defined structured way.

Like any other SAP module, controlling module also has sub modules to manage the processes better.

Sub Modules in SAP Controlling Module

Followings are 5 major sub modules within SAP controlling ;

Cost Center Accounting (CCA) – Sub Modules of SAP CO

One of the SAP sub module for controlling is cost center accounting (CCA). The management of an organization frequently looks for ways to reduce their overhead costs.

Cost Center Accounting sub module along with Internal Order provides a solution to manage cost of a company in a more structured way than any other ERP package.

We can develop different types of report from Cost Center Accounting sub module based on our requirements.

Expenses are accumulated in Cost center accounting sub module and sent to different cost centers within SAP controlling. Finally, end result reflects in a product.

Expenses from Cost Center Accounting are sent to product costing and profitability analysis sub modules.

Cost Element Accounting – SAP CEL

Cost element accounting (CEL) describes the costs that occur within an organization. It classifies cost by the point of occurrence and according to its criteria sub classified it as (1) primary, (2) revenue, and (3) secondary. Cost to a cost centers are accumulated with the help of these cost elements.

Product Costing – SAP PC

SAP Product Costing sub module is used to estimate cost of a product produced or going to be produced (or a service). It also compare the target cost with actual and provides extensive tools for cost analysis.

Profitability Analysis – SAP COPA

Management is interested to know company’s profitability by it’s product, segment, or on the basis of region. SAP COPA sub module which is also known as profitability analysis sub module of SAP controlling can provide all those information that a management require in a very structured way.

You can also customize this SAP sub module based on your requirements and define data collection methods to gather different costs and revenue reports under various segments.

Profit Center Accounting – SAP PCA

Profit Center Accounting sub module in SAP controlling reports profit and loss of the organization on the basis of the responsibility (profit center) defined within an organization and also reports balance sheet. Profit and loss, balance sheet is generated for internally managed units within a company code.