How document principles and structure is defined in SAP

Today, in this article we will tell you how document principle and structure is defined in SAP.

Posting in SAP are stored in the form of a document and kept in the system until gets archived. Only a complete document can be posted into SAP.

Complete means the difference between debit and credit items must be equal to zero and you have entered the required items before posting the transactions.

How document principles and structure is defined in SAP

Each transaction should contain a header and two line items. Header is valid for the entire document and has information like the transaction date, posting date and document types etc.

Line items will have the information pertaining to individual business transactions within the document.

Line items in a document will also have posting key to determine whether the transaction is a debit entry or credit entry, the account number to determine which account will be debited or credited and cost centers etc.

The transaction or document that is once posted can be edited, displayed and reversed. Editing is only allowed for certain specific fields not for the entire document. For instance, accounts posted in a document can not be changed. To get it changed you need to reverse the transaction and get posted the correct one.

In general ledger, a posted document can be displayed with transaction code FB03 and it can be edited with transaction code FB02.

Document principle in sap define the way a document is created, get posted and archived in the system