Dividend Payout Ratio – DPR Calculation with Example

In our previous article, we have discussed how to calculate dividend per share and the difference between DPS & EPS. In this article, we will be discussing how to calculate dividend payout ratio and what DPR tells you. A company either pays a portion of its net profit as dividend to its shareholders in proportion … Read More » "Dividend Payout Ratio – DPR Calculation with Example"

Tax invoice – Invoicing under GST Law

Tax Invoice is a crucial document given by the supplier of goods or services to the recipient with details of the transaction for recording different components in the books of accounts. GST law requires every supplier of taxable goods to issue a tax invoice before or at the time of removal of the goods where … Read More » "Tax invoice – Invoicing under GST Law"

How to Calculate Dividend per Share – DPS

When companies make a profit they often declare to share a portion of it with shareholders in the form of dividend. Dividend per share as declared by the company will represent how much money a company pays in dividends for each share of issued common stock. This means dividend per share is calculated to find … Read More » "How to Calculate Dividend per Share – DPS"