4 things to remember while withdrawing money from ATM

It’s very important to take precaution no matter from where and which ATM machine you are using to withdraw your money. As individuals go to ATMs specifically for withdrawing money, thieves feel assured that these peoples will always have money with them.

You need to take steps to prevent yourself next time when you visit your ATM for withdrawing money.

Don’t disclose your ATM PIN

To initiate transaction in your ATM you need to enter your 4 digit PIN. Before4 things to remember while withdrawing money from ATM entering the PIN look around carefully to make sure that no one is looking over your shoulder while entering the PIN into machine.

If anyone standing back then ask him to wait outside. It’s always safe to withdraw from a place where more frequently peoples are visiting to withdraw money.

We suggest you to shield the entire machine with your body while entering PIN. Do not write your PIN on your card or keep the number in your wallet.


Now a day’s Robbers are placing skimming devices over the card slot of ATMATM machines. When you insert your card inside the card slot, with this device they can take out the name of the card holder, card number, PIN embedded in the magnetic tape to their laptop.

These peoples are also keeping a camera inside by which they can read the PIN while entering it to the machine.

After sometimes these criminals will return to the ATM machine and will copy this information to make another card for their use. Before inserting your ATM card inside the card slot you need to make sure that there is no such kind of device fixed to the card slot.

Complete your transaction before leaving ATM

Before leaving the place make sure that your bank transaction is complete and you have collected your cash and debit card before leaving. Many times it happens that people leave their card inside the ATM machine only half through their transaction.

In such type of cases anyone who comes next to you for withdrawal can use your card for some other transaction.

Register Mobile number to get alert message

4 things to remember while withdrawing money from ATMMobile alert message for each withdrawal is necessary while transacting over your ATM. In case you are not getting messages for your ATM withdrawals then ask your banker to register your mobile number for it. With this you can track your ATM withdrawals.

Try to visit those ATMs to which you are familiar with. Avoid using ATMs at night. If it is that urgent to withdraw money at night then take another person along with you. Do not use the ATM if it does not look safe.

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