5 fields of SAP Chart of Accounts explained

While creating a chart of account in SAP you need to pay attention to all the five fields in the screen.

Creation of COA path:- SPRO > Financial Accounting > General Ledger Accounting > Master Data > Preparations > Edit Chart of Accounts List

T Code: OB13

Fields used for creating COAs in SAP;

Maintain Language 

SAP provides option of maintaining different languages including English.

Length of G/L Account number

SAP provides you to have the length of GL account as 10. If you create a GL account with 4 digit number then system will add another 6 zeros in front of the number. To avoid the number of zeros you can restrict the length of g/l account number here. If you set your length of G/L account number as 4 then system will not add any zeros to it. For alpha numeric number system adds value to the end of the number

Example: if you define your account number as 1234 and in place of “Length of G/L Account number” you mentioned 6 then the number will be displayed as “001234”

Controlling Integration

Two options are available here;

  1. Manual creation of cost element: you create manually after creation of all general ledger accounts in SAP. With this option you have a option of creating your own cost elements with you own choice.
  2. Automatic Creation of Cost elements: system will create all the cost elements automatically either at the moment you execute a batch program or at the moment general ledger creations are completed.

So chose this option wisely. In all most all the companies they chose manual creation of cost element options.

Group Chart of Accounts

If you have company codes assigned with in company and you want all the accounts of the company code get consolidated at a place then define a group COAs and assign the same group here.


If for some reason you want to block the COAs for its use then use this option. Once the chart of account is blocked system will not allow it to use any where. It can again be unlocked by removing the flag from here.

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