5 Fileds one should remember while creating a Profit Center Master

While creating a profit center master through transaction KE51 you need to pay special attention to following fields;

PCA Standard Hierarchy: PCA hierarchy is the node to which all the profit center master created under a controlling are need to be assigned to. While creating profit center master there is a mandatory filed under the “Basic Data” tab called “Profit Ctr Group”. This field has to be filed up either with the PCA standard hierarchy or with any group created under the hierarchy.

Analysis Period: This represents the Period till which the profit center will be valid. If you want the profit center master is to be valid for one year then you can put from today’s to the date completing one year. if you have decided to have your PC master data for unlimited period then put the end date as 31.12.9999. Here 9999 represents the year till which profit center will be valid.

Person responsible: Profit center is defined as per the decision the management take to know the internal profitability. So the name of the person who is in charge of that responsibility should be entered here.

Company code to be assigned: While creating a profit center master, system will by default select all the company codes under the controlling are i.e. if 5 company codes are assigned to a controlling area then all the 5 company codes will get assigned to the profit center. If you are ok with this kind of assignment then, no need to make any changes or else, under the “company code” tab the assignment to company code has to be changed. You can deselect those company codes that are not relevant for your assignment.

Active or inactive: At the top left hand corner you can see the candle like stick. If you place your cursor on it then it will show you the field is to “Activate”. At the end of your creation of profit center, you need to click on this button to get your profit center activated or else being on the creation of profit center screen press Shift+F1 to get it activated.

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