5 things to remember while efilling your income tax returns

It’s a general tendency of human beings to wait till the last minute to file their IT return. Due to the recent changes, an individual having taxable income exceeding INR 5 Lakhs have to compulsorily file their IT returns online. This will result in a significant increase to the number of online fillings.

Here are some of the points that you should remember for a error free filling.

Bank Account details

Providing Correct Bank Account details will help you in two ways. Firstly it will be helpful if you are about to get any IT refund and secondly in case you have forgotten your password then resetting the password require bank account number mentioned on your last IT return. Accurate details of bank account which is expected to remain open should be quoted in your income tax return.

Mobile Number

Efilling your Income tax returnIT department has started free service of sending SMS to your mobile number that is provided at the time of filling your IT return online. Your acknowledgement filling status and problems related to your income tax return will be updated to you through SMS.

Email Address

By providing correct email address in IT return, you will get a soft copy of the acknowledgement for efilling your income tax return and all other communication from IT department, CPC Bangalore office. Mistake in providing email address will result in non receipt of all intimation from CPC, Bangalore.

Communication Address in income tax return

The address will decide your assessing office under which jurisdiction you will be filling your return. So it’s always requested to give correct address details for filling your return. Incorrect details may result in refund delays.

Tax Payment Details and Date of Birth

When you make payment of your income tax, bank will provide your three things which you need mention in your IT return. Those three things are BSR Number, Challan Number and Date of Payment. You need to put these three details correctly against your tax amount paid.

While filling your IT return it’s very important to ensure filling with correct details. Without correct details you may delay your refund processing and also may cause inconvenience.

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