Sample Accounting Entries in SAP FI module

Accounting entries in SAP are generated for each financial transaction posted by the company based on the customization done. These entries are getting posted into FI module when you save the transaction or post it into the system.

Some accounting entrties in sap are getting posted directly in FI module and others are posted from different other modules or sub modules to which Financial module is integrated.

For example, due to FI integration with MM and SD module, all inventory related entries are posted from MM to FI and revenue related entries are posted from SD to FI.

Accounting Entries in SAP FI module

Followings are some of the accounting entries that get posted to FI ;

Accounting Entries in SAP

During Goods Receipt

Stock Account  Dr

GR / IR Account Cr

Invoice Verification:

GR / IR Account Dr

Vendor Cr

When Goods are issued to the Production Order:

Consumption of Raw Materials Dr

Stock Account Cr

Goods are received from the Production Order:

Inventory Account  Dr

Cost of Goods Produced Cr

Price difference  Dr/Cr

(Accounting entries in sap posted depending on the difference between standard cost and actual cost)

when Goods are dispatched to customer through delivery:

Cost of Goods Sold Dr

Inventory Cr

Goods are issued to a Cost Center or charged off against expenses:

Repairs and Maintenance     Dr

Inventory A/c Cr

Goods are stock transferred from one plant to another:

Stock A/c Dr (Receiving location)

Stock A/c Cr (Sending location)

Price difference Dr/Cr

(Accounting entries due to any difference between the standard costs between the two locations)

Accounting Entry for revaluation of Stock:

Stock A/c Dr/Cr

Inventory Revaluation A/c Cr / Dr

When Work in Progress is calculated:

Work in Progress A/c Dr

Change WIP A/c Cr

After posting you can not delete these accounting entries in sap. If you find any mistakes in these entries, then it can get reversed in SAP FI module and then can get corrected by passing another accounting entry for the same transaction or through some other module with the correct figure.

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