Accounting entry posted due to FI-SD Integration

FI-SD integration is done through transaction VKOA. Documents posted in Sales and distribution modules are posted into FI module as per the configuration done while integrating both the module. Documents in following steps are flown to Financial Accounting module is as follows;

Accounting entry when Sales Order Created

—No Accounting Document created in SD module so document did not flow to Financial Module—

Accounting entry when PGI done (Goods issue)

Following accounting entry created and transferred to financial module to the respective customer and company code i.e. as per the parameters set in SD module

Cost of Goods Sold Dr (Configured in OBYC GBB T-Key)XXXX 
To Inventory Account XXXX

Accounting entry when Billing document released to Accounting

At this stage the revenue is accounted so accounting document recognizing revenue is posted from SD module to FI module

Customer Account Dr.XXXX 
To Sales Revenue Account (ERL T-key in Pricing procedure) XXXX

Note : The GL account is assigned to this ERL in VKOA

Accounting entry when Payment Received from customer

As we did the payment the accounting entry is generated and kept in Financial Module

Bank Clearing A/c DrXXXX 
Customer A/c Cr. XXXX

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