5 best accounting software for small businesses in India

Best accounting software keeps your financial data organized and provides more accurate information anytime when you need it.

In India we have many accounting software for business use. For small business, it’s not required to have a complex ERP package. The thing that is required to know is how your money has been spent and how much revenue you have generated for a period.

To find out which accounting software suits your business most, you need to first look into the features and post sale support they provide.

Here in this article, we have some of the best choices that can help you with your business in order to organize your accounting data better. We have selected five best accounting software for small and medium business that have a very good track record in India.


5 best accounting software for small businesses in India

Most of our small businesses in India are on tally. TallyERP9 is the latest accounting software which has been customized by keeping different Indian accounting standards and used across businesses.

Over two decades Tally is dominating the Indian accounting software market for small businesses. Tally has been developed by “Tally solutions private limited”. Best part of this accounting software is easy implementation and use. Trained accounting professionals are readily available in market due to which employer is not required to train their employees.

With tally you can manage all most all of your accounting things like inventory, sales, purchases, manufacturing cost, payroll and other statutory year end processes. Indian accountants are so used to this accounting software that it will be very difficult for other products to take over tally.

For more details your can visit tally’s website


5 best accounting software for small businesses in India - quickbook

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software widely used in US and other developed countries. It’s developed by Intuit Inc and has many different products to offer Indian businesses.

Recently it has launched the Indian version of QuickBooks for use. One can use QuickBooks for recording its day to day transaction, invoicing to clients and billing to customers. The best part is you can even use this accounting software on your iphone or Android based mobile phones. There is a free version for your use, you can try that.

For more details you can visit QuickBooks’s website

Marg Accounting Software

5 best accounting software for small businesses in India - marg

Marg accounting software is developed by MARG Compusoft private limited and also known among Indian small businesses. Over two decades they have developed accounting software by taking into account all sectors starting from pharmaceuticals, FMCG and others.

For more details you can visit Marg’s wesbsite

Busy Accounting Software

5 best accounting software for small businesses in India - busy

Busy accounting software is developed and managed by Busy InfoTech private limited. Busy is used in many well known organisations and industries of India for its better inventory management capabilities. Like other accounting software it has all features like accounting, inventory management, sales, purchases, VAT, CST and currency management.

For more details you can visit Busy’s website


5 best accounting software for small businesses in India - profit book

Profitbooks is an online accounting software which is designed for small businesses. It provides a cloud based system of accounting which can only be used over internet. With this you can store your data securely in cloud and get it accessed on tablet, laptop, PC or any other device.

It’s an easy to go accounting software which can be accessed from anywhere in the globe. It allows you to manage your payroll, inventory and documents with one application. If you want you can try its free version for a month.

For more details you can visit ProfitBooks Website

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Based on your requirements you can choose one of these accounting software for your business use.

If you have micro business and are looking for accounting software which is specific to your industry then you can choose between Marg and Busy otherwise tally is the best accounting software used widely in India.

We suggest you to look for all the features and take your own decision. Good Luck!

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  1. I am an wholesale trader of potato onion and garlic from past 35 years and it involves mostly credit in retail and sub wholesalers as our client base is more than 250 it’s really tough to have records and repayment on time. I am looking for a software which is easy so that a basic computer knowledge can also work on that software please help me with ur feedback.
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  2. software for cost accounting system required in a manufacturing industry… please suggest

  3. Hi, is there any cloud based secure software which has options of invoice management, case details and status, balance sheet, P&L account, general ledger entries etc. with report generation utility. I need it for my law firm management

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