How to create assessment cost element in SAP CO

How to create assessment cost element in SAP COAssessment cost element is a secondary cost element created to use in assessment cycle. This cycle distribute expenses from one cost center to another. Expenses are distributed through this assessment cost element. To create it we need to specify the secondary cost element as assessment. To do that, in the cost element category of assessment cycle we need to specify category as “42”.

To create it we need to follow the following path;

SPRO > Controlling > Cost center accounting > Planning > Allocations > Assessment > Create Assessment Cost element

You can also use transaction code KA06. 

Update following in the initial screen;

  • Name
  • Validity period from and to. If you want the assessment element to be valid for ever then in to filed you need to mention the date as 31.12.9999
  • If you want to create it with reference to another existing secondary cost element then you need to enter the other one’s details in the reference field.

Now click on “master date” or press enter

Update followings;

  • Name of the assessment CE
  • Description
  • Cost element category as 42

Save it

You can make changes to it through transaction code KA02 and can be displayed through transaction code KA03.

To delete a created assessment cost element you need to make sure that there are no dependent data in SAP. If there are any dependent data related to assessment CE then it can not be deleted or else you can delete a created assessment CE by using transaction code KA04.

Now you can use it in your assessment cycle. When you run cycle in SAP, the system will accumulate all expenses under it and will pass a credit entry in the sender cost center and debit entry in the receiver cost center. You can not track the expense details from the receiver cost center as those details will always be available with the sender cost center.

If you want your expense details in receiver cost center then you can use distribution cycle. In distribution cycle all costs are not accumulated under one. Instead each individual line item entered separately with one credit entry in sending cost center and one debit entry in receiver cost center.

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