Asset acquisition with vendor – F-90

If you are acquiring an asset from a vendor then use transaction code F-90 or following path;

Sap Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Posting > Acquisition > External Acquisition > F-90 – With Vendor

Enter the header data of asset acquisition screen with following details;

  • Document date
  • Posting date
  • Document type
  • Posting period
  • Company code
  • Currency
  • Other required details

In the down below you have to enter posting key, general ledger account as a first line item.

Press enter 

In the enter vendor invoice screen: add vendor item update followings;

  • Amount
  • Payment term
  • Other required details

Down below you have to enter the posting key and general account. After entering these details press enter.

For transaction f-90: asset acquisitions following two default posting keys are used;

31: Credit Vendor

70: Debit Asset

Now for the second line items enter followings;

  • Amount
  • Other details like wbs element etc

Now select document > simulate from the top of the menu.

If debit matched with credit and there is zero balance then save it to post the transaction.

You can also post asset acquisition with reference to a purchase order.

F-90 is used for those transactions where you buy an asset directly from a vendor. If you are constructing or building the asset on your own then this transaction f-90 can not be used as you are no way dealing with any vendor. Before using f-90 transaction you must be ready with your general ledger accounts, asset master, vendor master, posting period configuration, number range creation and assignment and document type for posting etc.

The document entered by using this transaction can be referred back in future. You can display such document by using transaction code FB03. If anything required then this document can be reversed and a new transaction can be reposted.

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