How to create and assign number range for vendor master

How to create and assign number range for vendor masterNumber range is the most important part of vendor group customization. In sap you can create it for vendor master and assign to its group under which you are about to create the account masters.

Creation of Number range

You can create different number ranges for different vendor group. After creation of your required number ranges you can assign it the respective groups.


  • Creation of vendor group
  • Creation of company code
  • Other relevant configurations

You can create it by using transaction code XKN1 or by using following path;

SPRO > IMG > Financial Accounting > Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable > Vendor Accounts > Master Records > Preparation for Creating Vendor Master Record > Create Number Ranges for vendor accounts 

Steps for creation

  • Click on maintain number range interval
  • Click on insert interval tab
  • Enter serial no., from no., to no. and current no. and then select whether the posting will be internal or external
  • Press enter and save your settings

Assign number range

You can use transaction code OBAS or following path;

SPRO > IMG > Financial Accounting > Accounts receivable and accounts payable > Vendor Accounts > Maser Records > Preparation for creating vendor master records > Allocate number range for vendor accounts

Against your vendor group you have to assign the number range that you created in the first step.

After such assignment you can create vendor masters in sap.

Number ranges are not transportable. You need to create it in each client whenever you create a master.

Master data always picks up the current number range that is available in sap. After the current one is used sap will be picking up the next available one from the list. We always suggest using internal assignment for master data creation in sap. In internal assignment sap creates sequential nos on its own without intervention of the user.

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