How to avoid delays in getting income tax refund

After filling your income tax return (ITR) online, you need to send your ITRV to IT department’s CPC Bangalore office within 120 days of uploading your ITR. On receipt of such ITRV, IT department will acknowledge the receipt of the ITRV through an email to the email id that is provided in your IT return. Simultaneously you will also get an SMS to your mobile number mentioned in ITR.  

After that, the return will be processed and refund will be issued to the tax payers. There can be situations where your IT refund will get delayed. Here are some of these situations where your refund can be delayed;

How to avoid delays in getting income tax refundITRV and tax refund

As discussed, after receiving ITRV, the ITR will be processed and then refund will be issued. If ITRV is not received then tax refund process will not be initiated. Many tax payers in India do not send their ITRV to IT department assuming that IT return filling is done after uploading it to income tax server. But in actual practice this is not followed. You need to send ITRV that is generated after filling your IT return to IT department’s CPC Bangalore office on or before 120 days of uploading your ITR.

If you have forgotten to send it to CPC, Bangalore then you will not be receiving your refund. If your IT return has not yet been rejected by IT department then you can still send your ITRV to CPC, Bangalore office.

Please remember uploading of your IT return without digital signature is only half done. To complete the IT return filling process you need to take a print out of ITRV generated after filling your IT return and send the signed form to CPC, Bangalore officer on or before 120 days of uploading IT return.

Bank Account Details and Address

Bank account number and its IFSC code is a mandatory item to be filled while filling your tax return. Even if after sending ITRV to IT department your refund process will be stopped if you have given you incorrect details to the department.

While uploading tax return, you need to make sure that your bank account is active and it will not be closed in near future until you receive your tax refund.

In certain cases, IT department will issue cheques instead of directly crediting your bank account. Such cheques will be sent to your address that is in your IT return. Incorrect details in address or non availability of anyone at the given address may delay in getting the cheques as such the refund process will also be getting delayed.

IT refund can be rejected for providing inaccurate details in IT return or for wrong calculation of tax liability. You need to make sure that all the details are filled up correctly before uploading IT return to Income tax server.

If for any reason you did not get your refund then firstly you need to find out the reason of not getting refund. This can be identified by getting into your IT website’s account by selecting refund status option. If refund process is stopped for any incorrect details in IT return like bank account or address then you can again initiate the process by selecting “requesting for reissue of refunds”. You need to download the form to fill up the correct details then send it to CPC, Bangalore office for processing.

In case, before processing your IT return by IT department you have identified any mistake in it then the best way is to revise the return with the correct details and then send the new ITRV to IT department within 120 days of revising your tax return.

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