5 best travel currency card to carry foreign exchange abroad

Before deciding the bank to choose, please remember you can carry only one travel currency card of the same currency at a given point of time. If you are traveling to more than one country having different currency at a single point of time then you may carry two travel currency cards subject to RBI’s limit.

So choose wisely before your travel. If you want to take benefit of some other travel card then surrender the first one that you are carrying right now and then apply for the other one.

Today, in this article we will be looking into 5 travel currency cards which can be carried with travelling abroad.

Axis bank’s Travel currency Card

5 best travel card to carry your foreign exchange abroadTravel Currency Card from Axis Bank is most widely used by Indians or corporate peoples for their travel to foreign countries.

You can use this currency card in any ATMs which have VISA or MasterCard logo in it.

Losses due to misuse of your travel card will be covered up to an amount of Rs 3, 00,000.

This card is available in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, SGD, CHF, SEK, JPY are on VISA platform. The USD, GBP, EUR, AED and SAR variants are available on the MasterCard platform.

HDFC Bank’s ForexPlus

ForexPlus from HDFC Bank is yet another travel card which can help you to carry foreign exchange in it. Forexplus are widely accepted by all merchants displaying VISA or MasterCard.

HDFC’s ForexPlus is available in Australian Dollar, AED (Dirhams), Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Sterling Pound, Swiss Franc, Swedish Krona and US Dollar Currencies.

In addition to coverage of your loss of travel currency card, you are also eligible to get insurance of Rs. 2, 00,000 toward death cover, Rs. 20,000 towards loss of checked baggage and also passport reconstruction cover.

ICICI Bank’s Travel Card

5 best travel card to carry your foreign exchange abroadICICI bank also offers travel card to carry foreign currency on VISA and Master card network.

On its VISA network it offers 9 foreign currency options, namely US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollars, Arab Emirates Dirham and Japanese Yen.

On its MasterCard platform you can only carry USD. It covers liability insurance of up to Rs. 50, 000.

Citibank World Money Prepaid Card

Citibank world money is available in US Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterling, Singapore Dollars & Australian Dollars only.

Citibank’s World money currency card covers your losses up to Rs. 50,000 only if you have reported it to the bank within 96 hours of the incident and will cover only up to 90 days from the travel card’s activation.

With this you can get gift voucher of Rs.350 from matrix connection. This one has a limit of using only in those ATMs which has VISA logo init.

PNB World Travel Card

5 best travel card to carry your foreign exchange abroadPunjab national bank offers travel card in the name of PNB World Travel Card. You can only carry US$, British Pound and EURO in it.

In case of loss or misuse you are covered up to a loss of US$ 5,000. This has a limit of using only in those ATMs which has master/maestro logo in it. If the ATM has VISA logo then you cannot use it there.

Like other travel currency cards this one also cost you 1.5 $/pound/EURO for each withdrawal from ATM and 0.5$/pound/EURO for balance check including all other charges.

Based on your requirements and use you can select any one travel card out of the above listed travel currency cards for your use. Good Luck!

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