Carry forward receivables and payable – F.07

Carry forward receivables and payable – F.07Carry forward receivables and payable balances can be executed through transaction code F.07 or through following path;

SAP Used Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Accounts Payable > Periodic Processing > Closing > Carry Forward > F.07 – Balances

F.07 is used to carry forward balances of both customer and vendors. Through this transaction code you can transfer the balances of a single customer, single vendor or multiple customer or multiple vendors. We suggest you to always use the test run option available at the bottom of the screen to see whether its picking up the desired result or not. After the satisfying result you can remove the test run option and rerun the program to carry forward the balance in your receivable and payable account.

If you have set any variant then that variant can be used at the initial screen of the transaction. 

You should run carry forward receivable and payable transaction at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

If you have entered some items in to the last previous year after running the “carry forward receivable and payable” transaction then this program has to re run to get effect of these transactions in the opening balance of the new fiscal year as SAP can not automatically adjust the closing balance with the opening balance figure.

To run F.07 for all the customers you should select the criteria as 1 to 999999999999… as the customer number in the select customers field. Same thing is applicable to vendor also.

There is no prerequisite to carry forward receivable and payable balances in SAP. You can run this program as often as you want to carry forward the balances.

You can even carry forward receivable and payable balances for more than one company code at a time. To have specific company code as your selection criteria click on the “multiple selection” tab available on the right side of the selection and copy paste the company codes in to it.

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