How to copy vendor master record

To copy vendor master record you need to use transaction code FK15 or following path; Accounting > Financial Accounting > Accounts Payable > Compare > Company Codes > Send You have to enter following details to copy vendor master record; Vendor Company code Selection parameters need to be selected to copy master data Program RFBIKR10 … Read More » "How to copy vendor master record"

How to create and assign number range for vendor master

Number range is the most important part of vendor group customization. In sap you can create it for vendor master and assign to its group under which you are about to create the account masters. Creation of Number range You can create different number ranges for different vendor group. After creation of your required number … Read More » "How to create and assign number range for vendor master"

How to create Vendor Master record in SAP FI

The vendor account group is entered on the initial create screen of vendor master record creation in SAP.  In Financial Accounting module, once the vendor master data is created, it’s account group cannot be changed. Vendor Masters are made up of three areas; Client level (also called general data) Company code specific settings Purchase data … Read More » "How to create Vendor Master record in SAP FI"