Change Profit Center Standard Hierarchy

Profit Center standard hierarchy can be changed in SAP to a limited extend. There are certain fields like “name of the PCA hierarchy” in profit center hierarchy which can not be modified once the master data has been created in SAP.

By changing a PCA standard hierarchy you can created PCA group under it or sub-group under a group or you can create profit center master data.

Profit center master data created by using this will have the same relevance as you create individually through transaction KE51. While creating profit center master data, you need to select the appropriate group under which you want to create the profit center.

By using this transaction you can also change the profit center group master data or profit center sub group master data.

While changing the PCA standard hierarchy, one must check the controlling area is types or entered correctly or not. If at any time you find that, the changes are entered for a wrong controlling are then do not save the data and go back to the initial screen. Reset the controlling area by using transaction OKKS and then proceed with the changes.

There are chances that, after selecting a PCA standard hierarchy, the system will show an error “you have not created a PCA standard hierarchy for Controlling area”. This is because till now system has not recognized the PCA hierarchy that you have created. To change, you can click on the creation of PCA standard hierarchy and press enter after entering your name or number of the hierarchy. Then system will be asking to change the PCA standard hierarchy as it exists. Select the option to change the PCA standard hierarchy and go ahead with your changes.

Path for changing a PCA Standard hierarchy

SAP Menu > Accounting > Controlling > PCA > Master Data > Standard Hierarchy > KCH5N – Change

T Code: KCH5N

Display PCA Standard Hierarchy

Accounting > Controlling > PCA > Master Data > Standard Hierarchy > KCH6N – Display

T Code: KCH6N

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