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Chart of account segment of a gl master – SAP FICOGeneral Ledger masters are created to record financial transactions related to a company code (CC). It has two segments known as company code segment and chart of account segment. Company code segment is specifically related to the CC for which you are creating it. COA segment will be by default allotted to all the company codes assigned to a COA through transaction code OB13.

While creating GL master we initially create COA segment and then extend it to the CC. COA contains basic information about the gl a/cs. Such information about gl a/c is stored in the chart of account segment of gl master. It contains the account number, name and other details. 

Language key available in this segment can be used to translate the account name in the appropriate language that is selected while logging in to sap. Information in COA segment of a gl A/c will be applicable to all the company codes that are assigned to the COAs. If you want to extend the gl A/c to another company code then only the company code segment has to be configured or copied.

When you extend the gl A/c to another company code then chart of account segment will be the same i.e. the account number, name will be same for all the company codes.

You can search your gl A/c by using search facility available at any screen in sap. You can also manage the number of tab pages, title of it and the fields that are required.

Fields in a chart of account segment

  • G/L A/c
  • Chart of Accounts
  • A/c Group
  • P&L Acct
  • Balance Sheet Acct
  • Short text
  • G/L A/c Long text
  • Partner company
  • Group A/c number

This is a great thing that sap has delivered as it will not be required for you to maintain these details again and again. Through this space usage will also be minimized. Transaction code OBY2 can be used to copy the company code segment of a gl master from one company code to another.

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