Job of a Chartered Accountant or CS in company registration Process

Chartered accountants (CA) or company secretaries (CS) are the persons who are authorized to approve and certify all the documents that are required in company registration process. At each steps of company registration process, you need to obtain their approval before uploading it to MCA website.

Approval of DIN

Director Identification Number (DIN) is required before the company registration process starts. After submitting all the documents to the chartered accountant (CA) or Company Secretary, you need to give an affidavit to allow them to sign the form on your behalf.

Once the form has been digitally signed by a chartered accountant or Company Secretary you will be receiving your Director Identification Number (DIN) online immediately. Without a Company Secretary or chartered accountant’s approval generating DIN online is not possible.

CA or CS role in Company name approval process

Company name availability can be checked online but we have stringent rules and regulations to follow while applying online. Even though you find a particular name available at MCA website, the same name cannot be issued to you, if it is too resemble with some other company’s name.

For this purpose, you can take help of a chartered accountant or Company Secretary who can guide you in finding your company’s name as per the guidelines prescribed in companies act.

Name approval process takes 3-5 days time to get approved from the respective ROC office but with the approval of chartered accountant (CA) or Company Secretary you can get the name immediately.

Drafting MOA and AOA before company registration

Job of a Chartered Accountant/Company Secretary in company registration Process

Drafting of MOA and AOA is the most important part of your company registration process as these documents will indicate what the company will do after its registration and what rules and regulations it will follow in future.

Chartered accountant or Company Secretary has to draft MOA and AOA as per the rules and regulations of companies act.

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After getting your name approved from ROC and drafting of MOA & AOA, the company registration process will start.

The Chartered accountant and Company Secretary need to approve INC7, INC22 and DIR12 with digital signature and will also declare that all the attachments and details specified in the forms are true and correct.

With this process the company registration will be done. If any problem arises and MCA wants some clarification on certain points or changes are required to certain documents then that should be done by the authorized charted accountant (CA) or Company Secretary.

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