3 things to consider while choosing for internet banking

With access to internet banking, you can do lots of things like transferring funds, paying bills, recharging your mobile phone, viewing balance in your account, stopping payment on a cheque etc.

You can do almost everything over internet without visiting your bank’s branch office. All most all banks can provide you internet banking facility. It’s up to you to avail the benefit or not. You can choose it based on certain criteria that will make your internet banking experience better.

Internet banking Security

Some banks have enhanced security features in internet banking like while 3 things to consider while choosing for internet bankingtransferring balance or adding a party for payment or even while making online payments you will be required to enter certain numbers or security code delivered to your mobile or email id.

Different banks have implemented measures like 2 factor authentication for fund transfer, online purchase and asking security questions while logging in from a different machine or new IP address to ensure your account’s security over the internet.

While choosing for your internet banking you need to make sure that you have more security feature in place to protect you from fraudsters.

Customer Support

You may occasionally require contacting customer service for help. Since you cannot just walk into a branch and talk to a representative for each and everything. You need to ensure that your bank has proper live customer service 24/7 to speak to someone in case your internet banking is locked or resetting of your password is required.


With internet banking you can get additional benefits of making payment for bills, stopping a cheque payment, recharging your mobile phone and DTH recharge. Some banks are also offering facilities of ordering a new check book through internet banking and linked to merchants or e-shop through its direct debit payment gateway service.

With all basic facilities you need to look for those specific facilities that are required by you. Internet banking speed is another factor which depends on your internet connection to some extent and also depends on bank’s server.

If your bank has proper infrastructure then you will get good speed and better user experience or else it will hang in between of your transaction.

Applying internet banking is a very simple procedure. You either required to fill up a form with your branch office or need to fill up a request over bank’s website to get it activated. While selecting a bank with internet banking facilities you need to make sure that it provides you the best service in the above areas.

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