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Company code segment of a general ledger master – SAP FICOTo use a gl account for your company code (CC), you need to create company code segment for it. Chart of account segment and CC segment together will form a gl account.

CC segment contains all the information that is required for a gl account of a CC. Such information is required to control the entry of accounting documents in SAP FI.

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An existing gl account can be extended to another CC by creating company code segment for it. CC segment of a gl account has several groups of fields which are managed by the account group to which such gl account is assigned. Fields of a CC segment can be managed differently based on the requirements.  

If you extend the gl account to another CC then the number of gl account and the name of the account will be same as it is defined in chart of account segment of a gl master.

The most important thing that you need to consider in a CC segment is field status. Field status of a gl account’s company code segment is managed by the account group assigned to the gl account. field status enables you to control the display and maintenance of a gl account’s master data.

All most all fields are important while customizing the company code segment of a gl account. Some of these important fields are listed below;

  • Reconciliation account
  • Line item display
  • Open item management
  • Account in local currency
  • Only balances in local currency
  • Account in foreign currency
  • Field status

Different segments are maintained in SAP to manage the gl account in a better way instead of creating it again and again for different cc. we use transaction code FS00 to maintain it.

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