5 things you must do after changing your company name

Your company name is an important aspect of your business and reputation. It not only reflects who you are but also stands for your Brand.

If you are looking for a change in company name, our earlier article How to change your company name might help you. In this regard, we also suggest you to know those words and expressions which is not allowed by government to use.

In this article, we will let you know 5 important things which everyone must do after changing their company name.

Change income tax permanent account number or PAN

Permanent account number or PAN is a 10 digit alphanumeric number issued by income tax department to all the companies registered with ministry of corporate affairs.

If you have registered your company recently, then Permanent account number should have been allotted to you automatically based on your form filed for registration. You can see it in the certificate of incorporation sent to your registered email ID.

Old companies, should have applied separately to income tax department by using their application form.

Whatever way you have followed, after changing your company name in MCA, it’s time to change it in your PAN.

Therefore, you need to apply PAN correction form along with the fresh certificate of incorporation at any TIN FC in your locality. You can also apply online by using NSDL site.

Please note, you just required to change company name in PAN database not your permanent account number. Don’t apply for a new PAN, you need to make correction in the old PAN. If you have by mistakenly applied and received a new PAN, then surrender it immediately.

Changes required in legal documents and various other places

Company’s Memorandum of association and article of association must have been altered with the new name in it.

You need to take print out of the new altered MOA and AOA. Printed copies of both legal documents are to be sent to all the places wherever it’s required.

You are also required to change your company name in all official documents, websites, invoices and office addresses. As per companies act, 2013, for 2 years from the date of change, you need to mention your old name in addition to the new name in all the places where the new name is used.

For instance, if your old company name was “ABC infosolutions private limited” and you have changed it to “XYZ infosolutions private limited” then below the “XYZ infosolutions private limited”, you can write “formerly known as ABC infosolutions private limited”.

Amend your GST registration certificate

If you have taken your GST registration with the old name, then you need to change it immediately.

To change your GST registration certificate, you need to raise a amendment request online with the fresh certificate of incorporation issued by ministry of corporate affairs as an attachment.

Please note, GST is issued based on your income tax PAN. If you have not changed PAN before applying for GST registration or amendment in the certificate, then it will not match with the database of income tax. Therefore, your application may get rejected. Before applying for amendments to your GST, you must change the name in income tax Permanent Account Number.

Inform your banker

Now you have fresh certificate of incorporation, altered MOA & AOA and corrected PAN card.

It’s time to change the Bank account. With above documents and certified copy of resolution passed by the company, you can open a bank account with the new company name.

After getting your bank account details, immediately inform it to your customers, vendors and all stakeholders.

Take Trademark registration

To protect your company name from any misuse, you are suggested to go for trademark registration.

Trademark will give you a complete proof to your name and/or logo. You need to be very careful while applying for trademark registration as it requires certain specifications while applying. To avoid future disputes and rejection of your application, we suggest you to take help of a professional to do it on your behalf.

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