Cost center group – How to Create CC group in SAP CO

How to define cost center group – SAP COCost center groups are created in sap for reporting purpose. Different cost centers are assigned to a particular group and costs recorded in those cost centers are analyzed through various report. CC groups are also used for validation and substitution rules i.e. if you want a particular cost center out of a group and CC group to be used for a particular transaction then that can be done through this.

CC groups are created in standard hierarchy. If cost centers are assigned to different nodes of CC standard hierarchy are required for a reporting purpose then that purpose can be fulfilled through this method. For example; you have created standard hierarchy based on the functional requirements of your organization. Now you want cost of a particular plant which is not created in standard hierarchy. To do this you can create a group and assign all the cost centers related to that plant. 

To create CC group you use transaction code KSH1 or the following path;

SPRO > Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Master Data > CC group > Define CC Group

In the initial screen of “create cost center group” enter the group name that you want to create and press enter. Update the description. Now your CC group is created. In the second step you assign cost centers to it. To assign cost centers to your CC group click on “cost center” and enter your cost-centers.

To create sub grps under a main grp you have to click on “lower level” by having your cursor on the main grp. If you want to create it in the same level then click on “same level” by having your cursor on the main or sub grp.

You can have your cost center line item and balance report by using the standard report.

How to change a CC group

You can change it through transaction code KSH2 or by using following path:

SPRO > Controlling > CCA > Master Data > CC group > KSH2-Change CC Group

How to display CC group

You can display it  by using transaction code KSH3 or through following path;

SPRO > Controlling > CCA > Master Data > CC group > KSH3-Display CC Group

Activity types and cost elements are also assigned under different grps for reporting purpose. SAP has given flexibility of creating n number of such grps to use it for internal reporting which is not possible in other modules. same way you can create account and profit center groups in controlling module for reporting to management. Internal reporting is very helpful of it gets data from these reports. You can also set different rules to get these assigned to a particular transaction or get it derived through validation or substitution.

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