Cost Center Planning in SAP Controlling Module

At the beginning of a year, expenses will be planned on Cost Centers, internal orders. Planning will be done for all cost centers as well as for the internal orders defined as per requirement. The overheads of administration as well service dept. will be allocated to related production depts. as per logically determined basis. Like Actual cost capturing and allocation, planned costs will also be allocated from service cost centers to production cost centers through direct activity allocation, reposting, distribution and assessment etc.

Cost Center Accounting (CCA) and Internal order (IO) Modules will be activated to capture all the expenses incurred in the respective responsible cost objects.

Activity price planning within cost center planning is done for cost centers in order to charge the output to another cost object which can be another cost center, internal order, production order etc.

Budgeting of cost centers also possible monthly (total value) and planning can be done for each cost collecting component – cost elements (primary and secondary), activity type etc.

One provision is to use the ‘copy actual into plan’ function to copy the actual data of a particular period to use it as the base plan for a period. We can also use revaluation function to change some of the element level planning.

Path: SPRO > Controlling > CCA > Planning > Manual Planning > User defined planning layout > Create planning layout for cost element planning/activity type planning/ statistical key figure

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