What is cost center planning in SAP CO

What is cost center planning in SAP COWe do cost center planning as a target oriented measure to compare the plan cost with it. CC planning has two parts;

  1. Cost element planning
  2. Activity type planning

Cost Element Planning

In cost element planning you enter your plan data for primary cost element against each cost center.

Primary cost element represents the general ledger accounts which you create in financial accounting. In controlling to represent those GL A/c you create primary cost element with primary cost as its category. 

To enter cost element planning you use transaction code KP06 or following path;

SAP easy Access Menu > Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Planning > Cost and Activity inputs > change

Here you enter followings;

  • Costing version that you use for plan data posting. Generally version 0 is used but if you are using your own version then enter that here.
  • From period
  • To period
  • Fiscal year
  • Cost center
  • Cost element

Other fields should be blank.

Press enter or click on overview button on the top.

In the next screen you can enter cost center fixed expenses against your cost element and cost center. If you enter activity type in the initial screen then it will let you enter the variable expenses also in the transaction posting screen. After entering these details as planned you click on save button to post the data.

Activity price planning

Variable expenses are entered through the activity cost planning. You can manually enter the planned activity rates or system will automatically calculate it for you.

If you want to enter activity price planning manually then use transaction code KP26 or following path;

SAP easy access menu > Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Planning > Activity Output/price > Change

Now enter the following things;

  • Version
  • From Period
  • To Period
  • Fiscal year
  • Cost center
  • Activity Type

Now press enter or click on overview screen to enter your planned data.

Against the planned activity and planned capacity you enter the variable expenses related to the cost center and activity type.

After entering the actual expenses figures in sap you will be able to compare these actual with the planned one in sap.

After entering these figures if you want to change the planned quantity then it can be changed by using transaction code KPSI or following path;

SAP easy access menu > Accounting > Planning > Planning Aids > Plan reconciliation >

How to view cost center planning data in sap

You have several reports to see CC planning data. One of those are KSBL which will show you entire CC planning data in sap.

To see this report you have to visit transaction code KSBL or following path;

Controlling > CCA > Information system > Report for CCA > planning reports > Cost Centers: planning overview

Enter the fiscal year and period for which you want to see the data then press f8 to execute the report.

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