Country specific chart of accounts in sap

Chart of account (COA) is a list of general ledger Accounts which are used by a company code in sap. Such COA can be used by another company code. It’s not compulsory that only one COA should be used for one company code. COA is created separately at client level and assigned to a company code. For this reason, COA can be assigned to more than one company code.

Country specific chart of accounts (CCOA) is specific to the country for which you want to create it. Country specific chart of accounts is also called alternative chart of account. CCOA is used in addition to the operating COA in a company code. CCOA contains all the general ledger a/cs that are required to meet the legal requirements of that specific country for which it’s created. With this you can create country specific financial statement.

However creating and assigning country specific COA is purely optional. If requirement comes you can create CCOA or else it is not required to create.

In the initial step you need to create the country specific COAs in sap and assign it to the company code. To create CCOA you need to use transaction code OB13 and transaction code OB62 to assign it to the company code. Then you need to create account groups by using transaction code OBD4 and then create general ledger a/c through transaction code FS00.

Once the CCOA created and assigned to company code, you need to map the country specific chart of account’s ledger to the operating COA in the alternative account number filed of GL master. This alternative account number field will be activated once the country specific COA is assigned to the company code to which already operating COA is assigned. After such assignment and posting of documents it will not be possible to change such assignment. Alternative account assignment can only be changed when the GL balance is zero.

One can use transaction code FB03, FBL3N etc to see all your postings and transaction related documents.

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