What is CPA and Why pursuing CPA is difficult from India

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. It’s just like chartered accountants in India. In USA, if you want to practice as a charted accountant then you have to pursue CPA from American institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

CPA is licensed by the state board of accountancy and tells the public that the accountant carrying the prestigious designation has mastered the critical elements of the profession.

After joining the CPA course you are required to clear all the exams conducted by AICPA. CPA license will only be valid for the state in USA from where you have taken the license i.e. if you have taken CPA license from state X then your license will be valid in X state only. However, you can practice in any state after taking a license from that state.

The most important aspects to become a CPA is to pass out the uniform CPA exam and meeting specific licensing requirements for the state of practice.

Like chartered accountants in India, primary functions of CPA in USA also related to assurance services. One can even join private sectors companies as an employee.

Even though CPA exams are conducted online, a non USA student has to travel all the way from his or her country to USA to attend it, as these exams can only be attended from USA. Indian student can also attend exams from some of the golf centers like Bahrain, Kuwait and UAE. Even they have a center in Japan.

If you want to pursue a course which has USA recognition then we suggest you to go for CFA, CIA or CISA. All three courses can be appeared from India along with your job. It’s not necessary that a student should be a chartered accountant to pursue the course. With a simple bachelor’s degree one can join these courses.

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