How to create material master in sap

Material master is the master data that is created to integrate all other modules with the MM module.

There are two ways to create material master in sap;

  • Creating it Immediately
  • Creating with Special transaction code

Creating material master record – MM01

You can use transaction code MM01 or path;

Logistics > Material Management > Material Master > Material > Create (General) > immediately

Enter followings to create it;

  • Material

You need to enter a number here if you have configured number range creation as external assignment. You need not enter anything here if you have selected number range creation as internal assignment. 

  • Industry sector

Enter an industry sector out of the drop down based on the master you are creating.

  • Material Type (MT)

Enter the MT that is required to be assigned to the master data. Based on its creation in sap you need to assign a MT to which the material master belongs. If the you want to create finished goods then you need to choose MT as finished goods.

You have option to copy a material master with reference to already created material master in sap. In the copy from field you need to enter the other material master number. Only thing you need to remember is that both should belong to one type of MT.

Creating material master record – Special transaction code

Following transaction codes are used to create it based on MT;

Material Type (MT) Transaction Code
Raw material (ROH) MMR1
Semi Finished (HALB) MMB1
Finished Goods (FERT) MMF1
Operating supplies (HIBE) MMI1
Trading Goods (HAWA) MMH1
Non valuated (UNBW) MMU1
Non Stock (NLAG) MMN1
Packaging (VERP) MMV1
Empties (LEER) MML1
Services (DIEN) MMS1
Configurable (KMAT) MMK1
Maintenance Assembly (IBAU) MMP1
Competitor Product (WETT) MMW1
Returnable Packaging (LEIH) MMG1

Creation based on Schedule date

If you want to schedule a date on which material master should be created then you can do that by entering the date on which you want to create the material master. To do that you use transaction code MM11.

You can follow the path as mentioned above to create it.

You will get the same screen that is in transaction code MM01 with a difference to enter the date on which you want to schedule the material master creation.

When you do a transaction in sap all the relevant data like standard price, profit center, cost etc related to a material are derived and based on that documents are posted. Profit center assignment is a major role in creation of this master data. All transactions from it carry the profit center that you assign to the accounting or costing view.

Each and every module in sap has different view in the master where they maintain their data related to the MT.

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