How To Create Recurring Document In SAP FI

How To Create Recurring Document In SAP FIYou enter the recurring data in to a recurring posting document. Recurring posting program use this document as a template for creating the accounting document that is posted.

To create a recurring document you need to use transaction code FBD1 or following path;

SAP Menu Path > Accounting > Financial Accounting > General Ledger > Document entry > Reference document > Recurring entry document

You enter period in months to specify the posting frequency. By entering a day of the month it specifies the exact date for the posting. 

After reaching the headed data of the screen enter following;

  • Company Code
  • First run on: this will specify the first date on which such entry will be carried on
  • Last run on: enter the last date on which such recurring entry is to be carried on
  • Interval in month: enter a description of the interval in months for the recurring journal
  • Run date: enter the date on which the recurring entry is to be posted
  • Document type: enter SA
  • Currency rate
  • Translation date

In the down below you will have a line for entering the “first line item”. Enter the posting key and general ledger account there.

In the next line item screen enter the amount, tax code if any, tick on calculate tax, cost center, text.

Down below the screen you need to enter the second line item. There you enter posting key of the second line item and general ledger account and press enter.

As you entered for the first line item here also you need to enter amount and other details as required.

Click on simulate to if there are any mismatch between the debit and credit. If you are satisfied with the entry then press “SAVE” button on the top screen. You will get a message that document so and so has been posted.

For recurring entry you need not do any number range assignment as it carries the number range assigned to the document type SA. If you use some other document type in place of document type SA then you need to create number range or you can assign an existing number range to it.

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