How to create your own transaction code in sap

You can develop your own transaction code related to specific requirements either to run a program or specific report. A customized tcode can be created with the help of tcode SE93.

A screen to enter your tcode will be opened up. Enter the tcode that you want to create and press the create button.

Different options will be opened up to enter. You can select any one of this and press enter. 

Then configure your requirements. If you want a specific program to be run by this tcode then select option “program and selection screen” and press enter.

Click on the values field and enter the program name there and save it.

How to find menu path when you know the tcode

Go to the sap easy access menu and enter “search_sap_menu” in the command bar and press enter.

You will get a screen asking you to enter tcodes to enter. Now enter your tcode and press enter. The search option will show you the menu path of the tcode. The screen that displayed will be in reverse order. You have to follow the path from bottom up.

Another way to find tcode is to press ctrl+f and then enter the tcode in it to find your menu path.

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