How to create WBS User Status Profile – What is WBS status

How to create WBS User Status Profile – What is WBS statusWBS User status profile can be created with transaction code CJ20N or following path;

SAP IMG > Structures > Operative Structure > Work Breakdown structures > WBS User Status > Create Profile

A project has different stages which begins at creation and continues till completion. Followings are various WBS User profile status you will come across in sap;

  • created

If you select it then you cannot post actual cost to this. This is set when you initially create the Project. 

  • Released Status

At this stage sap will allow actual cost posting and you can also assign cost to it. When its in release status, you can create WBS elements and change the project hierarchy.

  • Technically completed

You can see this indicator to a WBS element when it’s completed from technical point. Before setting this status it must be either created or in releases stage. With technical completed status you can carry out following activities in sap;

  1. You can assign WBS element to production orders, CO orders etc.
  2. You can post actual cost to it.
  3. Actual cost can be transferred from it

SAP will also allow you to cancel the technically completed status. After cancellation it will set to released.

  • Closed  Status

Once the WBS element is completed from accounting and logistic point of view it has to be set to Closed Status. It can be set if the WBS element is already in released or in technically completed stage.

At this stage WBS element prohibits followings;

  1. Such WBS element cannot be assigned to Production order or CO object
  2. Actual posting is not permitted to the WBS element

If you want, you can also cancel closed status. Once it is done, SAP will keep the it back to either released or technically completed.

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