Cross Company Code Transactions in SAP FI Module

Cross company code transaction involves two or more company codes in one business transaction.  For a cross Company Code transaction, the system will post a separate document in each of the Company Code in sap involved in the business transaction.

Examples for cross company code transactions are:

  • One Company Code makes purchases for other Company Code (Called Central Procurement)
  • One Company Code pays for other Company Code (Central Payment)
  • One Company Code sells goods to other Company Code

Steps for cross company code posting in SAP

  • Create Clearing Accounts in each of the company codes.  The Clearing Accounts may be General Ledger Accounts, Customer or Vendor Accounts.
  • Configure the Automatic Postings for Cross Company Code Transactions by assigning Clearing Accounts for both the Company Code.

Creation of Clearing Accounts in both the Company Codes (FS00)

In Company Code 1 (CC1) In Company Code 2 (CC2)
Account Group Current Assets Current Liabilities
Balance Sheet Account Balance Sheet Account
Short Text Clearing with CC2 Clearing with CC1
Long Text Clearing with CC 2 Clearing with CC 1
Account Currency INR INR
Only Bal in Local Currency Only Bal in Local Currency
Line Item Display Line Item Display
Sort Key 001 001
Field Status Group G001 G001
Post Automatically Only Post Automatically Only


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