How to define assessment cycle in SAP CO

How to define assessment cycle in SAP COAssessment cycle is used in sap controlling module to assign all primary cost elements and secondary cost elements from a sending cost center to the receiver cost center i.e. when you want to transfer costs from one cost center to another through a assessment cycle, sap use a secondary cost element (created as a assessment cost element) and accumulates all the primary cost (posted from financial accounting module) and secondary cost (assigned to the cost center from other cost centers) and send it to the receiving cost center.

In the receiving cost center you don’t get costs break up by the primary cost element and secondary cost element to which it was originally posted. You get only one line with the cost that is sent from the sending cost center. Finally in the sender cost center you get online negative posting and in receiver cost center you have one line positive posting.

To create an assessment cycle you use the transaction code KSU7 or following path;

SPRO > Controlling > CCA > Planning > Allocations > Assessment > Define assessment

Update following in the create plan assessment cycle initial screen;

  • Name of the cycle
  • Starting date
  • If you want to copy it from another existing assessment cycle then you can enter the cycle name, starting date and controlling area name

Press enter 

In the create plan assessment cycle segment update following details;

  • Assessment cost element created
  • Sender rules
  • Receiving tracing factor
  • Sender cost center
  • Receiver cost center
  • Percentage of sender value
  • Tracing factor
  • Selection criteria
  • Receiver cost center factors in percentage

Save it.

You can change your created cycle by using transaction code KSU8 or through following path;

Cycle can also be deleted if any depended data is not available.

You can create assessment cycle for your actual cost in the same way by using following path;

SPRO > Controlling > CCA > Actual Posting > Period end closing > Assessment > Maintain Assessment

You can also create transaction code KSU1 to create assessment cycle.

How to run assessment cycle for plan cost in SAP CO

By executing transaction code KSUB you allocate planned cost form sending cost center to receiving cost center through a secondary cost element. You can use following path to execute it;

Sap easy access menu > Accounting > Controlling > CCA > Planning > Allocations > KSUB – Assessment

Its always suggested to run the cycle in test run and after getting desired result execute it without selecting test run.

After executing the transaction you can see the sender cost center and receiver cost center used in cycle.

Run transaction code KSU5 to execute assessment cycle for actual cost.

How to define assessment cycle in profit center accounting for plan data

This is created in the same way as we discussed above for cost center accounting.

Path to create assessment cycle for plan data in PCS: SPRO > Controlling > Profit Center Accounting > Planning > Allocations > Define Assessment

How to run

You can run your plan cycle by using transaction code 3KEB or path;

SAP menu > Accounting > Controlling > Profit Center Accounting > Accounting > Planning > Plan Allocations > 3KEB – Assessment

Enter the period from and to then the fiscal year, document type and the plan cycle. Execute in test run first before your actual run.

How to define

Path for creation of cycle for actual data in PCA: SPRO > Controlling > Profit center accounting > Actual Postings >Period end closing > Define Assessment

How to run actual assessment cycle in Profit center accounting

You car run the cycle to allocate revenue or cost from one profit center to another which is not possible in controlling module. You can run a assessment cycle by using transaction code 3KE5 or path;

SAP easy access menu > Accounting > controlling > Profit center > Accounting > Actual Posting > Period end closing > 3KE5 – assessment

Run the actual assessment cycle you created above. We suggest you to run it in test mode first.

If you have done anything wrong then you can reverse it by using transaction code 3KE5. After filling up the details select assessment > reverse to reverse the cycle.

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    Out of curiosity – if I have several assessments that have to be run in a particular order (ie results from one is required to run the second), can I list them in order in the 3KE5 screen and have them run in sequence, or is it random based on time spent to run? This would apply to reversals as well.

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