How to delete or change material master record

To change material master we have to use transaction code MM02. One can also use following path to reach to change it in sap.

SAP Menu > Logistics > Material Management > Material Master > Material > Change > Immediately

In the initial screen you need to enter the material number than you want to change. For every change to it, sap will update the log file in system. Any one wanted to see the change log can view it from the change material master screen by selecting environment > display change log. 

If change to it has to be triggered at a particular point of time then that can be done by using transaction code MM13 or you can use the above path to enter the schedule time for execution. You just need to double click on “schedule” to run the transaction code.

Material Master Deletion

No one delete material master even though they have stopped using it. Instead of deleting it you can flag it for deletion. By flagging it for deletion you are not allowing the master data to receive any postings. To flag it for deletion you can use transaction code MM06 or by using following path;

SAP menu > Logistics > Material Management > Material Master > Material Flag for deletion > immediately

Remove the Material Master flag for deletion

Same transaction code MM06 is used to remove the flag for deletion.

To move it from one system to another we use ALE system. ALE is part of SAP middle ware module. ALE can integrate data between different systems or with one sap system with other. Outbound IDOCs are created during its transfer from one system to another. The data in the IDOCs are processed and posted to the receiving application with inbound IDOCs. All the IDOCs transferring this master data can be viewed by sap system and can also be tracked back.

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