Depreciation Run in sap asset accounting – AFAB

You can post planned depreciation to there respective general ledger accounts by executing transaction code AFAB or following path;

Sap Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Periodic Processing > Depreciation Run > AFAB – Execute

Enter followings to execute AFAB-depreciation run;

  • Company Code
  • Fiscal Year
  • Posting period for which you want to make posting
  • Select planned posting run
  • From the further option tab select list assets and direct FI postings
  • Down below under the session name filed put any name for the session that will be executed
  • Select keep session 

We suggest you to select the test run tab before going for real run as you can always correct the figures if you find anything wrong. After satisfaction of the result you execute without selecting the test run. In the above selection criteria you select list assets option to display depreciation posting per asset.

Now execute or press F8

You will be getting a message box stating “online processing is limited to approx 1000 assets – do you want to continue processing anyway?” Press enter.

After test run of transaction “AFAB-depreciation run” verify if there is any error and then rerun the transaction without selecting test run.

To process depreciation run in background select Program > Execute in Background being on the initial screen of transaction AFAB.

On the background print parameters screen Select enter.

In the next screen of start time select immediate start and save.

To check the job that has been run by using transaction AFAB you need to select system > services > jobs > job overview from the initial screen of transaction AFAB.

You will be displayed with the simulate job selection screen. By putting your user name and job name as * you can display the entire list of jobs that has been run by you.

If you have run only one job then its fine you can see that. If you have run more than one and you are not able find the job that you have executed for transaction AFAB then select with the job name “RABUCH00” and then click on “spool” button on the top menu.

Now by selecting the job you need to click on the display button to display the status of the job run for transaction AFAB.

Now you will be displayed the depreciation run for your assets.

When you execute this transaction SAP runs a background job and done the posting to respective general ledger account.

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