How To Define Document Number Range in SAP FI Module- FBN1

Document number range in SAP uniquely identifies every transaction within a fiscal year in a company code. These are used to define how numbers are assigned to documents.

Document number range in sap is a transportable configuration which can be transported by choosing Interval > Transport from the creation screen.

When you transport document number range in sap from a source system to a target system, the configuration present in the target system first gets deleted and the transported configuration takes place of that. For every document number range, the following must be specified.

  • A two-character code
  • Period until when (a year value) it is valid
  • An interval from which it will be chosen and
  • Whether it will be used as internal or external assignment

The document number range intervals should not overlap.

You can assign alphanumeric numbers to your document posting. This can be done by selecting external assignment selection from the creation screen.

Since documents may be kept in SAP for an indefinite amount of time, one has to define intervals that are large enough to handle this factor.  The following system features ensure that the number intervals are large enough:

  • It can be defined for each company code.
  • Document Number can be up to ten characters long.
  • Number ranges can be defined for each fiscal year.

It will be Year Dependent which means every year it has to be maintained in the system.

How to create Document Number Range in SAP FI

Document number range can be created in SAP Financial module through transaction code FBN1 or through following path;

SAP path for Creation of Document Number Range:- SPRO > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global settings > Document > Define Document Number range > Define Document Number Ranges

Two things are defined while creating document number range in sap;

  • Interval
  • Type of number range i.e. either internal or external assignment

Document number range in SAP can be defined individually for each document type that is used in SAP while posting a transaction. To Use different number range we can define and assign it to document type while defining it in SAP.

You can assign one number range to more than one document type but the later can not be assigned to more than one number range.

Before creating a document number range in sap, you must decide whether all the document types in SAP are required to have different number ranges or not and accordingly you create and assign it.

Steps for Creating Document Number Range in SAP

  • Enter the transaction code FBN1 in the place of transaction bar.
  • Put your four digit company Code ID created in the filed “Company Code….”
  • Click on “Change Intervals”.
  • Click on “Insert Interval” tab on the top of maintain number range creation screen.
  • Enter the relevant fields and tick the “ext” for external assignment or do not select if you want it to be internal assignment.
  • While entering the year filed you need to decide whether the number range will be valid for one year or not. If you want to have a different number range next year then you need to enter your current fiscal year their and when fiscal year over you need to create another one for the new fiscal year. If you don’t want that, then enter 9999 to define it for n number of years.

To assign your document number range in SAP to document type you can use transaction code OBA7. You can also assign document number range in sap through following path;

SPRO > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global Settings > Document > Document Header > Document Type

Hot to copy document number range from company code

You can copy document number range from a source company code to your target company code with transaction code OBH1 or through following path;


Copying from one fiscal year to another

Document number range can be copied from one fiscal year to another within a company code or within a range of company code. This can be done by using transaction code OBH2 or by using the above path;

Document Number range is company code dependent. You must create your own company code document number range before posting any transaction in SAP FI otherwise system will not allow you to post a transaction.

Before configuration you need to plan and decide with the business process team for creation of such type of config as once these types of configurations are created its difficult to change it.

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