How to excel at your job interview

In today’s economy it’s hard to find a job irrespective of your qualification and experience. You have to craft a perfect resume and create an inviting image and sometimes go through an intense application process.

An invitation for an interview shows that, you are the perfect candidate required by the organization. Now if you want to get a job then you have to be at the top of your game during job interview. Planning is the most important thing among others to get started your preparation for interview. Your interviewer will be concentrating on few points to know whether you are perfectly fit for the position or not. By structuring your planning through certain areas of job interview’s requirement can help you to get the job. Here are some of the tips which can help you in succeeding any job interview.

interview successMany candidates have a habit of reaching the venue late. Planning before any job interview can help you in avoiding some of the common mistakes that job seekers do in an interview. Before attending any interview, you have to plan it in such a way that you always reach the venue before 15-20 minutes. Check your hair, teeth, makeup, and breath and be sure you are well groomed.

Research the company

Every interviewer wanted to know, what information you are carrying with you about the company. Before your interview, you need to make sure to read recent press releases, interesting facts, achievements and a little bit on its past history from company’s website. It’s a must to know about the company’s competitor. You can use internet, magazine or company’s periodical magazine to find something interesting about the company.

Dress Appropriately for your interview

The first thing people notice about us is appearance. When you prepare yourself for a job interview, your appearance should be a top priority. Based on the company’s culture and policy you should plan your outfit at least a day before your interview. Do not dress yourself to feel uncomfortable.

How to excel at your job interviewMany times interviewer are asking some behavioral questions where you need to describe a time about your achievement or when you did something great. You can practice these questions with your friend or family member before the interview. These are very common questions which every interviewer will be asking to assess your presence of mind. To start with, you need to read your resume first and then prepare questions to ask and to be asked. Anticipate the obvious questions that can be asked based on the job description. Analyze and rehearse what answer the company is seeking in a candidate.

You can make a list of skills, knowledge and qualities that are required by an employer and are a must for your professional career. After making a list of all these, you need to assess yourself to make sure you match all those requirements.

At the interview, be pleasant and friendly. Your answer should be frank and brief. While interviewing, if any question is asked on your present employment then do not criticize your former or present employer or fellow workers. Do not hurry in asking questions to your employer unless you are invited to do so.

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