Few things that you should not share with your Coworkers

Developing friendships within the office is a great thing that can benefit both you and your career. At the end of the year you and your very good friend are going to compete with each other for the race of career progression. So in a way it’s going to be a tough situation if your friend will know the things that he as a competitor should not suppose to know. You should always hold back on divulging too much information as your coworkers may feel that you are getting preferential treatment which according to them you don’t deserve. Things your friends should not know include

  1. Your previous employer salary, your present salary and financial historyFew things that you should not share with your Coworkers
  2. Major Illness if any
  3. Your year end or periodically job performance reports or reviews
  4. Your major weaknesses and setbacks in life
  5. Your future career plan

Remember to keep things professional at all times with your coworkers. Work comes first. If you keep these points in mind, you’ll be able to search out people who can be a good friend to you.

You also have to avoid Office Gossip with your coworkers. Please remember, who gossips to you will gossip of you.

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