FI SD Integration – Revenue Account Determination

Like FI-MM Integration we also integrate SD module with FI for getting revenue related financial transaction to financial module. We call it as a FI SD integration in SAP. Through FI SD integration in sap, GL A/cs are allocated for revenue account determination. It’s specified depending on the terms like Condition Type, Chart of Accounts, sales organization, Account determination type, Customer A/c Assignment Group, Material A/c Assignment group and account key.

FI-SD Integration - Revenue Account Determination

Access sequences and Account Determination types are defined in sales and distribution module. Chart of Accounts and G/L A/cs are defined in Financial Accounting system.

In SAP only two types of condition types are available:

  1. KOFI – Account Determination
  2. KOFK – Account Determination for CO

Followings are the Account Keys defined in sales and distribution module

  • ERL          Sales
  • RDM         Rounding
  • ERS           Sales Deductions
  • ERF           Freight Collected Domestic & Foreign
  • EIN           Transit Insurance Collected
  • EXD          Excise Duty
  • ERB          Rebate Sales Deductions
  • ERV          Rebate Accruals
  • EVV          Cash Clearing
  • MW3        Sales Tax

Path for assigning G/L A/cs for automatic account determination in FI SD integration:

IMG > Financial Accounting > General Ledger Accounting > Business Transaction > Integration > Sales & Distribution > Prepare revenue account determination

T Code: VKOA

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