Field Status Group in SAP FICO

Field status group in SAP is used to manage fields of the required object. These field status groups in SAP are used in a general ledger master and defined specifically to manage fields that are required to be used while creating a transaction posting in General Ledger.

Field Status Groups in SAP are created under one variant which then assigned to company code in sap financial module. Certain field status groups are managed at account group level to create master data (example: customer master, vendor master and general ledger master etc).

SAP has delivered some standard field status groups for use. You also have option to create field status group by selecting new entries or by copying from an existing group to your own.

By using these field status group, fields can be managed to keep it suppressed, mandatory or optional entry in sap. Followings are some of the default field status groups delivered by SAP which is used for general ledger transaction entry and assigned while creating a general ledger master record

Field Status Variant Field Status Group Description
0001 G001 General (with text, allocation)
0001 G003 Material consumption accounts
0001 G004 Cost accounts
0001 G005 Bank accounts (obligatory value date)

These field status variants for general ledger master is created from T code OBC4 and assigned to company code by using T code OBC5.

If you assign G004 field status group to an expense account then while posting to that account, SAP system will default the value field as it is defined in G004. In g004 field status group, cost account assignment field is a required entry so SAP system will not allow you to post any transaction unless and until you assign a cost center. Similarly, other accounts are also assigned with their respective field status group in sap based on business requirements.

Field status of your accounts must match with fields of posting key and those are in material management movement type. Without this SAP will give you error message while posting a transaction.

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