Field status variant and field status group in SAP FI module

Field status variants are used in many places of SAP. In FI modules field status groups (or FSG) are used for General Ledger masters, Customer Masters, Vendor Masters, Asset Masters and posting Keys. In this article we will be discussing Field status variant created for General Ledger masters. While creating a general ledger master the right field will be displayed as per the settings done in FSG under a field status variant.

In FSGs, each and every fields are defined with four options;

  1. Suppressed
  2. Optional
  3. Display
  4. Required

If the fields are selected as suppressed then you can not see the field there.

If a field is optional in the filed status variant then the field will not be a required entry. If it’s selected as display then the field will only display the value and it can not be changed or modified. If the field is selected as required then it’s a mandatory entry and system will not allow you if you don’t select any value to it.

Example: For General Ledger Master Creation the FSGs are maintained by transaction code OBD4 while creating the account group. If you double click on the FSGs groups of a particular account group then the options will be shown to you. Any field you suppress there will not be shown to you while creating the GL master through transaction FS00. If you go back and make it optional then the field will be displayed and will have an option of optional entry.

If you do not know which field status variant is assigned to your company code then you can check that either by checking the assignment settings or through the companies global settings. To check field status variant assignment to company code, you can use transaction code OBC5. To check the company code global settings for field status variant of a particular company code you can use transaction code OBY6.

Account group and controls

Account groups are created to handle two things in SAP General Ledger;

  1. The Number range
  2. Field Status of the G/L Master record

Fields related to the company code segment of a general ledger master are managed from the account group segment of the chart of accounts.

T Code and Path for FS variant creation and its assignment to company code

Define FS Variant for assignment to General Ledger Masters

For general ledger master creation, we define FS variant and that get assigned to the company code. Under one FS variant there are number of FSGs created which get assigned to the  general ledger account master based on the type of accounts we create.

SPRO > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global settings > Document > Line item > Controls > Define field status variants

TCode: OBC4

Your have two options for creating a FS variant in SAP. Either you can create a brand new one on your own or copy the existing SAP delivered standard variant and just change the name and addresses to make it your own unique variant.

Copying the existing FS variant is advised as these variants are dependent on so many related tables and by copying the existing delivered standard variant we are just using the SAP delivered table link.

Assign FS variant created above to company code

You can assign only one FS variant to one company code i.e. one company code can be assigned to one variant but the same field status variant can get assigned to many company codes. If you do not want to create it then SAP standard field status variant can also be used and assigned to your company code.

You can also assign this variant through transaction code OBY6. Against your company code you can enter the field status variant created and save it to get it work for you.

SPRO > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global settings > Document > Line item > Controls > Assign company code to field status variant

T Code: OBC5

FS variant for account group

SPRO > Financial Accounting > General ledger Accounting > G/L Accounts > Master Records > Preparations > Define Account Group

T Code: OBD4

By double clicking on any of the account group created you can see the field status variant. These fields manages the company code segment of the general ledger master.

FS variant for Vendor Account group

SPRO > Financial Accounting > Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable > Vendor Accounts > Master Records > Preparations for creating vendor master records > Define Account group with screen layouts (Vendors)

T Code: OBD3

FS variant for Customer Group

SPRO > Financial Accounting > Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable > Customer Accounts > Master Records > Preparations for creating customer master records > Define Account group with screen layouts (customers)

T Code: OBD2

FSG for General Ledger Account Master

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