Foreign Currency Valuation in SAP – F.05

Foreign Currency Valuation – F.05Foreign currency valuation transaction is run for following purpose;

  1. To value the balances of all the general ledger accounts maintained in foreign currency.
  2. To value the line items in foreign currency of an open item managed general ledger account.

To run a foreign currency valuation you can use different foreign currency valuation method. It is always suggested that you use different batch session for your each run for customer open items, vendor open items etc.

You run this transaction at the end of the fiscal year. To run this valuation process you can use transaction code F.05 or following path can be used;  

SAP User Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > General Ledger > Periodic Processing > Closing > Valuate > F.05 – Foreign Currency Valuation

In the initial screen you enter the valuation in currency type which can be company code currency or any other currency as per your choice.

If you want the transaction to run only for vendor open items then select the tab “valuate vendor open item vendor” or if it need to be run for customer open items then select the tab “valuate customer open items customer”. It’s suggested that you run differently for both the transaction to process.

Press F8 or click on execute button to process it. After your batch session over system will valuate all your transaction in to the desired currency. Run the batch session in background.

After the process over you can display the document through transaction code FB03.

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