How do I add a transaction code to favorites in SAP

SAP has flexibility of adding a particular transaction to the favorite list of user menu so that you need not always enter the transaction or the path to execute it. In this article we will show the steps on how to add transaction codes to favorites in SAP. With this the required transaction in SAP will get added to your favorite list.

Path to add a transaction code to favorite

SAP easy access > favorites > insert transaction

After this a popped up window will appear.

Enter the transaction code that you want to add to your favorite. Then click on the green right symbol arrow below on the left hand corner of the screen.

Second method of adding a transaction code to menu

Follow the path of transaction that you want to add to favorites. After finding the transaction click on it to highlight it in yellow then drag it to the favorite column. It will automatically add to favorite list unless you delete the transaction from it.

Third method of adding a transaction code to menu

Follow the path of the transaction that you want to add and then highlight the transaction by clicking on it. Right click on the transaction and then click on “add to favorite”. Once you clicked on add the favorite, system will automatically add the transaction to your list.

If a user has several transaction codes and he wanted to group different type of transaction codes then he can create sub folders within favorites. To do that click on favorites and then follow the path Favorites on the top menu and then click on insert folder.

Then give a specific name to the folder that you want to add to your sap easy access favorite menu. System will automatically add the folder to the list that is highlighted. After getting the folder you can drag and drop the transaction to it.

You can even drag and drop the folder to make your own usable SAP menu.

Text of the favorite menu can also be changed by right clicking on the transaction and then clicking on change favorite. This will change the text on the right of the transaction code to the menu.

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