How field status managed in general ledger Account master

How field status managed in general ledger Account masterField status from the account group creation screen enables you to manage the display and maintenance of a general ledger account master. The company code segment of a general ledger is managed by the type of account group you select on the chart of account segment. For example if you have created an account group as “Expenses Account” and this account group is selected while creating the company code segment then the fields as set in the field status group for this account group will be applicable to the general ledger account.

By using field status of an account group you can manage the fields of company code segment of a general ledger account either as hide, display, required entry or optional entry. You can assign fields that you do not use as the status hide. In the same way fields whose value must not be changed to be set as status display, fields where you must enter a value can be set to as status required entry and fields that can contain an entry but are not required can be set as optional entry. 

If you want certain specific fields not to be modifiable after creation of the general ledger master record then you need to specify that a particular field is not modifiable in the change master data transaction in customizing.

Where to mange field status

Go to the account group creation screen by using transaction code OBD4 and double click on any of the account group that you have created to take you to the field status group maintenance screen. From here you can manage the entire display of your company code segment of your general ledger account.

You can also use the following path to manage the field status of your account group;

IMG> Financial Accountings New> General ledger Accounting New> Master Data> G/L Accounts> Preparations> Define Account Group

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