How to copy GL Accounts in sap

How to copy GL Accounts in sapGL account is created under a chart and company code. To copy gl accounts you need to copy first the chart of account and then copy company code by selecting the option of copying general ledger in sap.

Copy GL Accounts by Copying Chart of Account

You can copy all the gl a/cs related to a particular chart of accounts while copying an existing chart of account. To know more please click here.

Copy GL Accounts by Copying Company Code

To copy company code you need to use transaction code OBY2 or following path;

SPRO > Financial Accounting > General Ledger Accounting > GL account > Master data > G/L account creation and processing > alternative methods > Copy g/l account> Copy Company Code

While copying company codes you will have an option to copy the gl accounts of the company code. If you are copying a company code to create your own then use transaction code OBY2 and then select the option of copying the general ledger. 

Copy GL Account

If you have not chose the option of copying gl account at the time of copying company code or you have created your own company code without copying a existing one then you can use following steps to copy gl a/cs. To copy gl a/cs you need to use following two programs;

  • RFBISA10 – to copy gl account from one company code to another within the client
  • RFBISA20 – to copy gl account from one client to another by creating a sequential file using program RFBISA10.

To execute this program you can use transaction code SE38 or SA38. By using SE38 you can execute these programs by display all source codes, documentation and variants. Where by using SA38 you can only execute the program without displaying the source code and documents etc.

RFBISA20 programme creates a batch file instead of directly uploading the file.

If you follow the steps correctly and fill up the correct details while executing all the steps said above you will be delivered with all the gl accounts created earlier with all the other details. You have to be very careful while executing program RFBISA10 and RFBISA20. You need to select all the options correctly and select the range of general ledgers properly. If you want to transfer gl accounts from one client to other then you must get the file and upload correctly to other client.

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