How to create or change or display or delete Asset Master

How to create/change/display/delete Asset MasterAsset master is created in sap to book individual asset purchased or acquired or constructed for the economic use in business. Followings are some of the examples which should be treated as an asset and a separate master data need to be created for each of them;

  • Building situated at Singapore
  • Building owned in New Delhi
  • Plant X used for a process
  • Plant Y used for another process

Asset master has two parts;

  • General Master Data
  • Data for calculating values

That information which contains details of the fixed asset is called general master data and other information is called data for calculating values.

Examples of data for calculating values are followings;

  • Depreciation term
  • Depreciation area

Create Asset Master Data in SAP

You can create it by using transaction code AS01 or following path;

SAP Easy access menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Asset > Create > As01

After reaching the create initial screen you need to enter followings;

  • Asset class
  • Company Code

You can also create it with reference to another already created master data or sub master in combination to the company code. 

Press enter to go to the next screen.

Now enter the account determination, cost center, depreciation areas and other relevant fields to finish creation of the master data.

Save it.

You will be displayed with a message “the asset XXXX is created”.

Change Asset Master Data in SAP

You may require changing it even after transaction data processing in to it. You can change some of the assignment filed and some fields you cannot change.

To change an it you need to use transaction code AS02 or below path;

Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Asset > Change > As-02

To change it you need to enter the asset number, company code in the change: initial screen and press enter.

Some of the filed you can change followings;

  • Description for the master data
  • Cost center assigned to the master under time dependent tab

After making changes save it.

Display asset Master

You can display it by using transaction code AS03 or below path;

SAP Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Asset > Display > AS03

Enter the following fields to view it;

  • Asset master number
  • Sub number
  • Company code

On the top you can see asset value tab. If you click on that it will take you to the explorer screen. From here you can see all the values.

How to create asset sub number

Part of the asset can be represented by sub number. When you define the last 4 character will define the sub number of the asset that you are working with.

When you create a master data every such master will create a sub number. If you are using internal number range assignment then such automated number will be 0000 for sub number.

You can also create additional sub number in sap.

To create an it you use the transaction code AS11 or below path;

SAP Menu > Accounting > Financial Accounting > Fixed Assets > Asset > Create > Sub-Number > AS11

Enter the company code, asset and number of similar sub numbers.

And then click on master data

Update followings;

  • Description
  • Cost center under time dependent tab
  • Vendor allocations
  • Other relevant fields as your business demand

Save it.

You need to calculated depreciation on a periodic basis and book it to the correct general ledger account so that the true value of asset will be reflected in the balance sheet. You can accumulate the depreciation by using appropriate settings in SAP and post the same in to the system. Before creation of any master data we request the business process owner and the consultant to decide the requirement and make a list of the master data need to be created in sap as after creation it will not be possible to change the name of the master data. Field status is another area where the consultant need to look in as this will manage the entire screen of the asset master and if the screen is suppressed then you cannot enter any transaction to sap.

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