How to create profit center document in sap co

How to enter profit center document in sap coYou can post a profit center document to sap if the same is not transferred to PCA. To enter a PCA document use transaction code 9KE0 or path;

SAP easy access > Accounting > Controlling > Profit center Accounting > Actual Posting > Profit Center Document > 9KE0 – Enter

From the create profit center document initial screen select lay out as “8A-001 document profit center account” 

Select document type as A0- FI-GLX actual direct posting and the posting date of the document.

Now execute or press f8

Enter your company code and press enter

Select overview button and enter your document details like profit center, account number and amount. You need to create one line for debit and one line for credit and the balance should be zero.

Save it to post the document. a document having a specific number will be posted to your PCA.

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