How to Define Cost Center Standard Hierarchy in SAP Controlling

Cost Center Standard Hierarchy play a major role in SAP controlling area. Cost Center should be assigned to any one of the group available in CCA Standard Hierarchy. Once you assigned it the name cannot be changed.

CCA hierarchy is used for the following purpose;

  1. Cost booked under a group or several group of a CCA standard hierarchy can be obtained in one report.
  2. Cost centers under a controlling can be found out in a CCA standard hierarchy.
  3. It represents a tree structure of a controlling area that shows all the cost centers created under it.

Path For Creating CCA Standard Hierarchy: SPRO > Controlling > CCA > Master Date > Cost Centers > Define Standard Hierarchy


While creating group or master data under a CCA standard hierarchy, you need to pay attention to the naming convention by which the cost center or group can be easily identified that it belongs to so and so unit.

Cost centers can also be created from the change CCA standard hierarchy path. Most of the companies chose this method when they are planning to create number of CC master data assigned to different or one CCA group.

Generally CC master data under a CCA standard hierarchy are assigned to CCA sub group. Sub groups are assigned to CCA group and these are in turn assigned to CCA hierarchy.

There is no path to create CCA standard hierarchy even thought he one mentioned above is used by most of the companies. The actual place where CCA standard hierarchy is created is while creating a controlling area. When you enter any name to cost center field in controlling are settings, system will ask you if you want to create one. At that time press yes that you want to create a CCA hierarchy.

CC master data and CCA group can also be changed from the change CCA standard hierarchy screen.

How to change CCA hierarchy

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