How to define Plant in SAP

How to define Plant in SAPFrom SAP point of view plant is a place where inventory are kept and valuated. You can define plant by using transaction code OX10 or following path;

SPRO > Enterprise structure > Definition > Logistics – General > Define, copy, delete, check plant

You need to enter following details to create a plant in sap;

  • Name
  • Description
  • Country code
  • Factory calendar
  • Search item
  • Regions
  • Language
  • Other relevant points as required 

What are the prerequisites for creating a plant in SAP?

Before you create a plant in sap you need to first set up following things;

  • Factory calendar – identifies holidays, working days. You can use sap delivered standard factory calendars
  • Country key – sap delivers all most all countries created in it. So you need not create this if it’s already created.
  • Region key – region in sap is defined as a state or any place associated with the country

Define valuation level at plant level

You can define valuation level to be either at plant level or company code level. Valuation level is defined to let SAP know at which points material stocks are evaluated.

To define valuation level you can use transaction code OX14 or following path;

SPRO > Enterprise structure > Definition > Logistics – General > Define valuation level

You should be very careful while defining a valuation level as it cannot be changes once defined in SAP.

Assign Plant to company code

You can not assign plant to company code if you have not defined the valuation level. After defining valuation level you can perform this step.

You can assign it to company code by using transaction code OX18 or following path;

SPRO > Enterprise structure > Assignments > Logistics – General > Assign plant to company code

After reaching the assignment screen you need to assign the plants against your company code.

A plant can be assigned to only one company code but one company code can be assigned too many plants.

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